Thursday, 18 December 2014

[WW] Quiz: Win flight tickets to Curacao [12/1/2015]

Deadline  12 January 2015

Type  Quiz

2 x Flight tickets to Curacao
Samsung Galaxy K Zoom
KLM & Miffy suitcase
Galaxy Tab S 8.4
Buddha to Buddha bracelet

1. What makes the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom so unique?
C) Its 20.7 MP camera with 10x optical zoom

2. Curacao is part of the ABC Islands: Which are A & B?
C) Aruba & Bonaire

3. Who created the bunny character of Miffy?
A) Dick Bruna

4. The Galaxy Tab S 8.4's amazing screen is the result of
B) Super AMOLED screen technology

5. Where is all Buddha to Buddha Jewelry made?
B) Bali

I want to win this!