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Deadline  11 May 2012

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* Einstein has been quoted as saying that the right to search for truth implies also a duty, and that we must not conceal any part of what has been recognized to be true.” This statement appeared in the CONCLUSION of which of the following articles in the journal of Management and Organization Review?
(Ans: Ethical Issues Faced by Editors and Reviewers)

* As of now, how many among all the members in the editorial board are Nobel Laureates? (Ans: 8) * Which of the following is correct about Tournament theory, found in the research article “Gender, Top Management Compensation Gap, and Company Performance: Tournament versus Behavioral Theory” in the journal “Corporate Governance: An International Review”?
(Ans: Tournament theory suggests that a large compensation gap between CEO and company Vice-Presidents (VPs) leads to higher company performance)

* Experimental procedures, Figure 1. Study protocol is found in “Energy expenditure during sleep, sleep deprivation and sleep following sleep deprivation in adult humans”, an article in The Journal of Physiology. Based on the figure, Day 2 consisted of
(Ans: 16 h of wakefulness and 8 h baseline sleep opportunity)

* Need to know who and how many times an article has been cited? “Cited By” information is available on the article level of each journal. Till date, how many times has the article on “A structure-based benchmark for protein–protein binding affinity” from the journal Protein Science been cited? (Ans: more than 8)

* An author who would like to submit a paper can now retrieve the submission guidelines specific to the selected Wiley-Blackwell journal on Wiley Online Library at (1) ___________________________ (appearing on the left-panel of a journal). Alternatively, for a comprehensive suite of general author/editorial related services (non specific to one journal), one can visit (2) _______________________________.
(Ans: (1) FOR CONTRIBUTORS: Author Guidelines & Submit an Articles; (2)

* Which of the following has an INCORRECT 2010 (1) Impact Factor and/or (2) Journal Ranking? (Ans: Global Change Biology)

* “Data mining tools” is an article in which of the following WIRES title?
(Ans: Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Data Mining And Knowledge Discovery)

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