Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Snickers Hungry for Football

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Deadline  24 December 2012

Type  Member + Answer questions + Slogan

[ Country ]  Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines

Prizes (weekly)
Samsung Galaxy Note II

Week 1
Q1. Who won the first-ever AFF Suzuki Cup back in 1996?
Answer: Thailand

Q2. Who scored the only goal in Singapore's 1-0 win over Vietnam in the 1998 final?
Answer: R. Sasikumar

Q3. Philippines made history in 2010 by reaching the semi-finals for the first time, but who did they lose to?
Answer: Indonesia

Week 2
Q1. Which year was the first time Timor Leste competed at the AFF Suzuki Cup?
Answer: 2004

Q2. Which legendary Malaysian was named the first-ever Most Valuable Player back in 1996?
Answer: Zainal Abidin Hassan

Q3. Cristian Gonzalez is the first naturalised player to represent Indonesia, but when did he make his AFF Suzuki Cup debut?
Answer: 2010

Week 3
Q1. Who captained Singapore in their AFF Suzuki Cup-winning campaign in 2004?
Answer: Aide Iskandar

Q2. Which of these goalkeepers have not won the Most Valuable Player award?
Answer: Khairul Fahmi (Malaysia)

Q3. Thailand failed to make the semi-finals of the AFF Suzuki Cup for the first time in 2004 but who was their coach at that time?
Answer: Siegfried Held

Week 4
Q1. Phil Younghusband was the top scorer in the 2007 AFF Suzuki Cup qualifiers with six goals for the Philippines, but who did he score a hat-trick against?
Answer: Timor Leste

Q2. Malaysia were runners-up of the inaugural AFF Suzuki Cup back in 1996, but when was the next time they made the final?
Answer: 2010

Q3. Which was the first year the AFF Suzuki Cup final was changed to a two-legged format?
Answer: 2004


  1. Admin, I hope u will post all the up coming questions wit answers.. U really helping me out.. thanx...

    1. I'll try my best. If I forgot to post the answers, you can remind me by posting comment here. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    2. Admin, tis week questions r already come out...

    3. Thanks for reminding me. I've posted the answers.

  2. need help. not sure about this -> Q4. I'm not myself when I'm hungry because? - what is the answer? snickers?

    1. You have to give your slogan to answer the question. There is no right or wrong. You just have to think of a creative slogan. Good luck.

    2. You're welcome. Actually I just happened to check the comments at that time...

  3. Thanx admin for posting answers... :)

  4. Admin, week 3 questions r already come out...

    1. Thanks for reminding. Have posted the answers. Good luck :)

  5. Thanks admin... I really nid ur luck... :)

  6. Do you need to answer every week? I missed the other 2 week's question. Is that okay?

    1. Nope. You are eligible for the week that you've submitted your entry.

    2. Thank you for the answers :) I'm clueless about the game

    3. You're welcome. I actually googled for the answers.