Monday, 20 August 2012

Go the Distance

Official website

Deadline  3 September 2012

Type  Game (Keyboard)

[ Age ]  18+
[ Country ]  Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand

[ 1st ]  iPhone 4S + Mobile Backup Power
[ 2nd ]  HTC One V + Mobile Backup Power
[ 3rd ]  BlackBerry Curve 9380 + Mobile Backup Power
[ 4th & 5th ]  Mobile Backup Power


  1. Register.
  2. Play the game. Avoid the red icons as it depletes your battery. Press spacebar when the battery meter has only 1 bar and blinks in red. Collect the green icons after the backup power is used (the backup power icon is the green icon below the battery meter). Avoid the pothholes on the right as the game is over even if you only bump into the signs.
  3. Enter your email address and password.

Terms & Conditions

+  Winners will be notified via email by 10/9/2012.
+  Winners has to be contacted within 5 business days.


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