Thursday, 10 May 2012

Manhattan Cheesy Escapade

Official website

Deadline  24 June 2012

Type  Game (Arrow keys)

[ Age ]  13+
[ Country ]  Singapore

Prize (weekly)
Flaming Cheese Platter or Manhattan Seafood Platter vouchers

How winners will be chosen
Players with the highest score in the week


  1. Play the game by collecting as much ingredients as you can in the sauce plate in the middle. Collecting canister and cheese do not increase the score. Collecting canister makes the plate bigger while collecting cheese increases the cheese meter/bonus.
  2. After Level 6, try to collect more cheese as the cheese meter will drop faster. If it drops to zero, it's game over.
  3. Submit your details.
  4. Play again to increase your score. 

Terms & Conditions

+  Weekly winners will be informed via email by Wednesday of the following week.


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