Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Pertandingan Sempena Ulangtahun Ke-2 Blog 2DayBlogger.Com

Official website

Deadline  31 December 2011

Type  Blogging / Facebook

5 x RM 10

For top commentators
[ 1st ]  RM 50
[ 2nd ] RM 30
[ 3rd ] RM 10


  1. Blog /  Write the article at Facebook note. Give review and wish congrats to Blog 2DayBlogger.Com in the article. Put the above pictures in the article too.
  2. Provide link to the contest page.
  3. Leave the link of your article in the comment box.

Happy 2nd anniversary to Blog 2DayBlogger.Com. 

Congrats for having that much of visitors.


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