Monday, 3 October 2011

Darlie's My Perfect White Gift Contest

Official website

Deadline  30 October 2011

Type  Purchase + Facebook

[ Age ]  18+
[ Country ]  Malaysia

2 x Frangipani Full Course French Dinner
1 x Louis Vuitton Handbag 
3 x OSIM uRelax and uCozy
3 x A Cut Above Hair Treatment Packages 
2 x Spa Village Packages 
4 x Creative Nail Boutique’s Gift Certificates
1 x Studio Photo Session

How winners will be chosen
To win Creative Nail Boutique’s Gift Certificates, A Cut Above Hair Treatment Packages and OSIM uRelax and uCozy, winners will be determined by the total number of Unlocks assigned for each prize divided by the quantity of prizes.

* 6001 Unlocks ÷ 3 prizes ≈ 2000
Winners: 2000th participants, 4000th participants and so on. 

To win other prizes, the winners will be chosen at random. 

  1. Read the instruction. Click 'X' on the top right of the box.
  2. Click Login on the left.
  3. Connect with your Facebook.
  4. Click the picture to unlock the prize.
  5. Click Cancel if you unlock the wrong prize.

Terms & Conditions

+  Winners have to claim their prizes within 1 month after notification.
+  Upon claiming the prizes, winners have to produce the letter, copy of I/C and printed email.


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