Saturday, 13 August 2011

Vistacon 2011-Bug Hunting Contest

Official website

Deadline  16 September 2011

Type  Game testing

[ Country ]  All

5 x Ticket to Viet Nam International Software Testing Automation Conference (US$ 300)

How winners will be chosen
Based on bug quality (priority, severity) & quality of the report


  1. Register here by filling in name, username, email address, password, address, phone no., title, how did you find them and captcha code.
  2. Click Send.
  3. Click the activation link in the email.
  4. Click the link below the activation link in the email.
  5. Click Play as a Guest.
  6. You may download the report template here.
  7. Write the report.
  8. Login here  with username and password to submit the report.
  9. Upload the report by clicking Choose File.
  10. Type the captcha code.
  11. Click Upload File.

Terms & Conditions

+  The report has to be written in English.
+  The name of the report has to be in this format. (username) - bug hunting contest.
* golbs - bug hunting contest

+  May upload more than 1 report.
+  Only the latest report will be recorded by the system.


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