Monday, 25 July 2011

Bausch+Lomb - Take It Off

Official website

Deadline  18 August 2011

Type  Game (Mouse)

[ Country ]  Malaysia

Prizes (biweekly)
[ 1st ]
Half-year supply of contact lenses and its solutions
'Freedom to look hot' T-shirt

[ 2nd-5th ]
'Freedom to look hot' T-shirt

How winners will be chosen
Every two weeks, the 5 top scorers will get their respective prizes.


  1. Register here by filling in name, IC no., email address, mobile no. and slogan. Choose whether you are a contact lens wearer. Tick the 2 boxes.
  2. Play here
  3. Click Start. Click quickly to remove as many glasses as possible. 5 marks will be deducted if you click those who don't wear spectacles.
  4. Click Play again if you want to improve your score.

Terms & Conditions

+  Need to register.
+  No purchase is required for this mini game.


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