Sunday, 5 June 2011

Chuck E. Cheese-Skeeball

Official website

Deadline  -

Type  Game (Mouse)

[ Country ]  US

Up to 40 tickets to be used at Chuck E. Cheese store


  1. Go to the official website .
  2. Click Play.
  3. Choose the lane (there are 3 lanes) by moving the mouse. If you choose the right or the left lane, you can score a 100 or a 10. The middle lane will have lower risk to score 10 points. 10 points = 1 ticket.
  4. Click when the ball on the left is in the green circle. 
  5. There are 9 balls to be rolled.
  6. Click Print My Tickets.

Terms & Conditions

+  Tickets are redeemable at participating Chuck E. Cheese store.
+  1 ticket reward cert (which is printed out) can be redeemed per child per day.


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